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Here are our inspection services. We provide complete home inspection services according to the Home Inspection Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. 

Residential Inspection

residential home inspector logo.png

A home is probably the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, so it’s important to understand the condition of your investment. We'll provide a non-invasive evaluation of the home’s accessible structure, systems and components. While a home inspection can’t reveal every concern that exists, it will significantly reduce your anxiety by arming you with the knowledge you need to make an informed home-buying decision.

Price Structure*:

0-1,999 Sq. ft.: $340

2,000-2,999 Sq. ft.: $360 

3,000-3,999 Sq. ft.: $400 

4,000-4,999 Sq. ft.: $450 

Over 5,000 Sq. ft.: $500+ (priced individually) 

*Pricing does not include tax. Exact totals will be listed on your inspection agreement and invoice.

WDO Termite Inspection: $90

WDO termite inspector logo.png

Wood-destroying insects can cause serious damage to the wooden structural components of a house. They can hide and go undetected for a long time, but there are many telltale signs for different species that indicate their presence. We'll inspect your home for evidence of infestation now before it becomes an expensive problem later. 

Radon Gas Test: $200

radon tester internachi certified inspector logo.jpg

Although radon is a naturally occurring gas in our environment, it's also the second leading cause of lung cancer deaths in the U.S., according to the Surgeon General. One out of 15 homes is estimated to have dangerously elevated radon levels. The Surgeon General and the Environmental Protection Agency recommend testing all houses. Millions of Americans have had their homes tested for radon, and you should, too.

Plumbing Inspection (Sewer Scope): $200

Certified Plumbing Inspector

A plumbing inspection is a systematic process of assessing the critical areas of the plumbing system of a property. It is performed by certified plumbers to avoid the risk of pipe corrosion, clogs, leaks, and burst tubes that can cause flooding and property damage.

Foundation Certification

Screenshot 2024-05-17 at 4.04.11 PM.png

Foundation Inspection Certifications are documents that certify that a foundation of a home meets local and HUD/FHA guidelines. They can be a requirement for some loans such as VA or FHA. We work with Harrison Engineering to obtain a letter from a structural engineer. To schedule, please visit the link below!

Mold Inspection: $150 Per Area Tested

Certified Mold Inspector.png

Unchecked mold indoors can damage the structure of a home, cause wood rot, and ruin drywall. Most importantly, mold can cause health problems. A professional mold test starts with a thorough inspection of your property. We will investigate any signs of past or present water intrusion, which can promote mold growth, and take samples of any suspected mold for laboratory analysis. Results are typically available 48-72 hours from the date of inspection.

Pool & Spa Inspection: $100-150

pool and spa certified inspector logo.png

Your pool requires proper maintenance and regular inspection so that you can enjoy it for years to come. Your pool maintenance professional is responsible only for the pool’s chemistry and cleanliness. Let us inspect it for all the other items that will ensure its proper condition and safety. We follow a comprehensive checklist and will inspect for the following: water level; leaks; valves; main drains, grates and inlets; blockages, debris, staining and biological growth; heater and thermostat; adequate fencing and gate security; deck safety; electrical safety, switches, alarms, and lighting; and more. This service may be ordered with a home inspection at a bundle discount or as a standalone service.

Repair Verification / Follow-Up Inspection: $100

Certified Repair Verification Inspector

Have you had remodeling or repair work done by a contractor to address a deficiency, or to adapt or modernize some structure or system of your home? We will inspect it to make sure that the materials, installation and workmanship meet quality standards and your specifications. This is not a code-compliance inspection, but an inspection to check that the work was completed properly.

Asbestos Sample Testing: $150 per area tested

Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 12.05.29 PM.png

Moving into a home built before 1989? An asbestos assessment aims to document and identify the presence of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) in a building, especially before demolition or renovation activities. It can also provide peace of mind if you are not planning to make any changes to the existing property materials. We inspect the property and send sample(s) overnight to the lab we work with for testing. Results are emailed and typically available within 3-5 business days from sample extraction. 

Water Quality Inspection: $50-100 per contaminant

certified water quality inspector.png

Let us test your potable water supply, especially if your property has a private well, cistern or septic system. We will work with a local lab to test the water for any potential contaminants. These can include lead, nitrate, nitrite, coliform, chloroform, etc. 

New Construction Inspection: $150 per phase  + Residential Inspection Fee

New Construction Inspector

Are you building a new home? We'll come out during different phases of the construction process to make sure your project is being executed according to your specs. We can verify that scheduled work has been completed before you make a payment to your contractor. We'll also come out prior to project completion to help you and your general contractor devise a punch list of remaining items. This is not a code-compliance inspection for your contractor, but a New Construction Inspection for you. Our phases can include:

- Foundation

- Framing

Electrical/HVAC "rough in" (Pre-drywall)

- Final product home inspection (see top of page for pricing structure)

Move-In Inspection: $340-500**

move in certified inspector.png

Are you selling your home? Let us inspect it before you even list it! A Move-In Certified® Seller’s Inspection (also called a pre-listing inspection) alerts you to any defects or problems with your home so that you can address them before prospective buyers discover them. You can then take the time you need to obtain reasonable repair estimates. Avoid 11th-hour negotiations and delays, and justify your full asking price by having your home for sale inspected now.

*Same fee structure as residential inspections; see above.

Annual Home Maintenance Inspection: $150

Certified Annual Home Maintenance Inspector

Especially if you’re a new homeowner, an Annual Home Maintenance Inspection can help you understand and plan for the demands of maintaining your home properly. Some tasks are seasonal, and some items require more frequent attention. Let us help you start on the path of responsible homeownership by identifying any issues, and educating you about what should be done each year to keep your home in top condition. Even if you’re a veteran homeowner, my inspection can verify whether your home’s maintenance is sufficient, or whether any problems have developed during the past year. 

Roof Inspection: $150

Certified Roof Inspector

Do you need just a roof inspection performed for insurance or other purposes? We will perform a standalone Roof Inspection & Certification and evaluate your roof from the eaves, as well as walk it (when it is safe to do so) to assess its overall condition, including the presence and status of flashing, chimneys, vents, skylights, and other penetrations.

4-Point Inspection: $200

4-Point Certified Inspector

Many insurance companies require a 4-Point Inspection for homeowner’s insurance and renewals for an existing policy on an older home. The “four points” covered in this limited inspection include the four vital systems of the home: the roof, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. This inspection identifies their components, determines their age, and assesses their overall condition. 

Wind Mitigation Inspection: $100

Certified Wind Mitigation Inspector

Wind mitigation helps limit the amount of wind damage inflicted on a home. Many homeowner's insurance companies offer incentives, such as premium discounts and rebates, for implementing specific protections. And if you’ve already made certain improvements, a Wind Mitigation Inspection can provide the verification you need to receive credits and discounts.

Moisture Inspection: $350 per Hour

Certified Moisture Inspector

Moisture meters can help to detect and quantify the amount of moisture is actually in a building material. We may use a moisture meter to check areas around plumbing pipes, air conditioning units, bathroom toilets and showers, and at wooden components near or in contact with the ground surface. Appliances may cause water leaks or cause condensation problems may result in elevated levels of moisture. A professional inspector with a moisture meter is equipped to find the source of moisture and water problems in a house. Once discovered, all moisture intrusion problems must be immediately corrected before mold growth develops.

Deck Inspection: $50

Certified Deck Inspector

A deck inspection should progress in much the same order as deck construction. Inspectors should start at the bottom. If a deck is deemed unsafe from underneath, the inspector should not walk out onto the deck to inspect decking, handrails, etc. The inspector should stop and report the safety issues.

Infrared Inspection: $150


We use a state-of-the-art infrared camera to find problems that aren’t always apparent to the naked eye. An IR camera translates the heat signatures of objects into colors on a gradient scale, with higher temperatures appearing as lighter colors, and lower temperatures and wet areas appearing as darker colors. By evaluating these images, We can detect sources of energy loss, locate areas of moisture intrusion, pinpoint dangerous hot spots in the electrical system, and uncover other problems, such as wood-destroying pest and rodent infestations, as well as flue leaks in the chimney, which can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Electrical System Inspection: $175

Certified Electrical Inspector

An electrical home inspection provides a thorough examination of your entire electrical system, ensuring all electrical wires, systems, and components (such as appliances) meet legal safety standards.

Monster Free Inspection: Free

Certified Monster Free Inspector

Moving to a new home can be stressful for children, too. That’s why we offer a Monster-Free Inspection and Certificate. Your child can accompany me while we inspect under their bed, under the stairs, in the closet, and anywhere else they want so we can assure them that there aren’t any monsters. Simply request this service when we schedule your inspection and we'll bring a personalized Monster-Free Certificate with us.

Santa Safe Chimney Inspection: Free

Certified Santa Safe Chimney Inspector

We can do many things to keep Santa's travel down the chimney safe while he arrives at your home. Even though there will always be risks when traveling down the chimney, there are things we can do to improve safety.


Tax will vary based on the city the property is located in. Exact fees will be listed on your invoice and inspection agreement if applicable.

home maintenance book english.jpeg


With every full home inspection service, we include a home maintenance book for my clients. The book explains how a home works, how to maintain it, and how to save home energy. It also includes seasonal maintenance checklists. 


If the home inspector misses a covered item, InterNACHI® will buy the home. The Guarantee may be honored for up to 90 days after closing. Additional terms and conditions apply, and the details are available at ​

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